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Packet Injection Video Tutorial

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USBHAK.COM – Packet Injection  الرابط هنا اذا لم يكن اللاسلكي فعال ونشط فيمكن استخدام هذه الاوامر لجعلها نشطه لجمع اكبر قدر ممكن من المعلومات للحصول على الباسورد


VGA Display Card Problem

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Q. When i started the X-windows (startx) the Screen Resolution is not set or not configured. A. There is a Backup file (xorg.conf.BAK) located on the ROOT directory. copy it to the /etc/X11/ and overwrite the existing file then start X-windows (startx). here is the command: cp /root/xorg.conf_OK /etc/X11/xorg.conf